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In student ministry, we win when a teenager takes a step toward being a disciple or making a disciple for Christ.
Takes a step because spiritual growth is a journey in which everyone has a next step. Growth happens one step at a time.
Being a disciple because following Christ is the most fulfilling experience that this life has to offer.
Making a disciple because the Gospel does not end with us. Ir came to us headed to someone else.
Trinity Student Ministries offers many opportunities to work toward these specific goals.
Life is meant to be shared with others. Sunday mornings at 9:45 AM, Sunday School provides a small community of friends who care for one another, fellowship together , and help each other grow spiritually in God’s Word. 
In addition to our Sunday School classes for students, Trinity Student Ministries (TSM) has Hydrate. Hydrate at Trinity is always a high energy event for students (7th-12th grade). From games, worship, small groups, and creative Bible Study you can find your place and have lots of fun too. Our Wednesday night gathering begins at 6:30 PM but come early to hang our and meet some friends.
We also offer many activities throughout the year to help students move forward in growth. Some of our major events are:
– 5th Quarters
– Youth Advance 
– Spring Break Missions Trip
– Summer Camp
– Student Leadership University 101
– Student Leadership University 201
– Summer Missions Trip